Conservator and Executor, managing all tasks of person and estate:

  • Compassionate and effective communication with clients according to individual needs.
  • Insure and direct client specific appropriate residential care (independent at home, at home with assisted living, facility residence, skilled nursing, etc.
  • Discern and direct all aspects of living requirements. (medical care, meals, transportation, cleaning gardening, etc.)
  • Directing coordination of moving client to care facility if required.
  • Arrange for and closely oversee medical care.
  • Arrange for and maintain necessary insurance.
  • Pay bills, manage investments and banking
  • Timely filing of income tax returns
  • Serve as representative payee for social security and pension
  • Serve as property manager of client owned real estate
  • Arrang for remodel of property and sale as required
  • Prepare client income and expenses reports in required court format. (avoiding costly expense of alternative attorney, paralegal or CPA costs)
  • Work with the estate attorney in preparing court petitions addressing client needs and conditions as required to be reported.
  • Establish pre-need final arrangements and implementation of final arrangements.
  • Always extend open communication with family members and others having care and interest in welfare of client.

Recent Client Cases

Senior Citizen Hoarder

  • Sort out the personal belongings of a senior citizen hoarder that suffered dementia for many years. This was a monumental task sorting out paperwork strewn all over the residence and then transferred randomly into 60 – 75 “bankers” boxes. I reduced the mountain to 4 boxes of neatly filed boxes of important papers of current relevance.
  • Interacted with the client while collecting and sorting old documents. This interaction was challenging; none the less it was cordial, professional, and successful!
  • Performed court accounting, submitted to attorney and, in turn, the court. Accounting included reported sale of residence according to court. Distribution of sale proceeds included payment of numerous fees, payment of several liens due multiple parties, payment of past due fees and taxes.

Conservator of client suffering stroke managing case for 17 years to date of death, eventually serving as will executor.

  • Communication with speech impaired and paralyzed client.
  • Sometimes emotional and difficult communication with family members regarding aspects of client care (medical care, in home assisted living, transition to assisted living board and care, remodel and sale of residence, distribution and disposing of client personal belonging, etc.)
  • Lengthy time period of paying bills, performing booking keeping, filing and maintaining financial records with detailed required of reporting to court and family members
  • Property manager of residence, serving as surrogate landlord renting clients residence (Primary source of client income.)
    Remodel and eventual sale of residence.
  • Arranging for pre-need final expenses and implementation of final arrangements in out-of state location.

Prior Experience

30 years’ experience as a commercial banker relationship manager and loan officer relationship manager serving entrepreneurial businesses and high net worth individuals. This included business and personal loan underwriting and knowledge of all banking products: business and personal loan products, depository products, specialized banking products, investments, calling in product specific delivery specialists while serving as client serving team leader.

Employment background provides directly applicable experience as conservator and estate manager of individuals from those having relatively simple needs of communication, financial and legal management to those having complex needs and requirements.


Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, Bachelor of Science (concentration in finance)


Pre-Approved Fiduciary bonding through Bond Services
Member PFAC (Pro. Fiduciary Association of California)
Board of Directors Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (2008 – 20012)
Husband and father of two

Jeff Moore Resume